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CimatePulse Technology - developed solely by GWO

Climate Change Videos  - Utilizing ClimatePulse Technology


      Professor David Dilley

           Global Weather Oscillations - Global Weather Cycles


1.   Podcast Video and Interview - 21 November 2023

      Dismantling "Political Science Climate Change"

                                      learn the truth

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Podcast 187 picture for cover_edited_edi

2.          Podcast Video and Interview - 18 April 2023

             Signals Global Warming is Ending - Global Cooling is Beginning

Picture - Signals Transitioning to Global Cooling_edited.png

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3.        Podcast Video and Interview - 19 January 2023

           Proof: Rise in CO2 Since 1850 is Mostly Natural

                     Prof Dilley walks you through Cycles

Picture Thumbnail CO2 Rise Since 1850.png


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